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What is IDTRAK™?

IDTRAK™ is a DNA banking system designed for livestock owners. All animals have a unique genetic profile. IDTRAK™ allows livestock owners to maintain that unique genetic profile as a historic record. These records can be needed for a variety of situations where you need to trace the identity or parentage (family tree), breed or association registration, trace back due to later event (sales, siring, disease, or reproduction issues) or even to use for future genetic testing. Right now, genetic companies are working hard to discover genes that affect economic traits in livestock, such as meat quality, disease resistance, reproduction, and others. If you buy or sell valuable animals, you may want to use IDTRAK™ to determine some of the following:

  • Did I receive the exact animal I intended to buy?
  • Can I prove that I delivered the exact animal that was purchased?
  • Can I demonstrate that a specific purchased animal was responsible for introducing a problem into my herd?
  • Can I defend the animal I sold was not the source of the problem?
  • Which bulls are efficiently producing offspring and which aren’t? Where did the offspring obtain those traits?
  • Who were the sire and dam?


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